Cheap Thrift / Surplus Stores

Unfortunately, thrift and surplus stores have been given a bad
rap. Many of these stores are filled with hundreds of top quality
Name brand merchandise is easy to find but just like clearance
racks, it takes some time to find. Find a thrift or surplus store
close to where you live and then plan spending some time to find
those outstanding bargains.
One woman in Kansas City, Missouri located such a store about
20 minutes from her home. After shopping through every isle
over the period of two hours, she walked out of the store with
eight huge garbage bags filled to the brim with designer clothes
for her and her children, many with the original tags still attached.
She even found a couple of Liz Claiborne suits for herself at $5.99
each and a Dooney & Burke purse normally valued at $225 for
$19.95. Her children had an entire season of school clothes and
best of all, she paid less than $200.
Do you know you can make money from
this as well?
I know one family who find brand name
clothes at these stores and then sell them on
eBay. It’s amazing… they are consistently
making about $300 profit every week
working part-time at this.
It certainly helps pay the bills.