1$ Homes & Cheap Properties

1$ Homes & Cheap Properties

My favorite site for cheap homes



Bid for assets is great site to find $1 homes they sell for $200 or $300 after bid but they are really cheap.

See example:

How to find real worth of the property before you buy


Zillow is a great tool to buy properties cheaper, Before you buy home of make offer, See the Price history of property. You will know how much it was sold last time. It will give any idea what property really worth is.

Here is example:

How to buy commercial properties at dirt cheap price:

Other Properties

gsaauctions.gov/ click “Real Estate” from top menu

Government auctions are cool, they have large buildings for sale, if you ever want to buy large property or commercial property check. Government auctions.

See example below of large building for sale http://gsaauctions.gov/

Other Great Government Auction Sites you will love:










Buyer Resources


Aircraft Bluebook – Aircraft appraisals and valuations.

Aircraft Value Analysis – Current and future aircraft values, lease rates on commercial jets, turboprops and corporate aircraft.


Edmunds – New and used automotive valuations.

Kelly Blue Book – New and used automotive valuations.

NADA – New and used automotive valuations.

Hemmings Price Checker – Hemmings Motor News car classifieds and automotive resources.

Carfax – Vehicle history reports.

Autocheck – Vehicle history reports.


BUC Used Boat Price Guide – Used boat valuations.

Boat History Reports – Watercraft history information for buyers and sellers of used boats.

iBoat – New and used boat sales.


How to decreasee your rent:

To decrease your rent, ask your land lord that you are very poor and can’t afford to pay full rent. The landlords are rich most of the times, and they have multiple properties, if you just pretend to be poor, they will decrease your rent you may have to ask for discount, ask for $100 discount, they might give you $50 discount for sure in most cases. even if you decrease your rent $50 per month you can save $600 a year on your rent.

You can offer services to decrease your rent. Do some errands for your landlord become friend with them you will surprised how much money you can earn from your landlord just by offering services.

How to say:

Be polite.

Hi, I am struggling with money can you please decrease my rent I will really appreciate it… See what happens:)

Try it today if you live on rent.